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Venture Insights with Jonathan Hung: Angel Investments & Media Power [Ep 38]

Venture Insights with Jonathan Hung: Angel Investments & Media Power [Ep 38]

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In this episode, Harry speaks with Jonathan Hung, a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Jonathan has evolved from his role as a prolific angel investor with over 100 pre-seed and pre-IPO investments under his belt to becoming the Managing Partner of Entrepreneur Ventures and the Head of Consumer Partner at Trousdale Ventures. With a diverse investment portfolio and a keen eye for high-potential startups, Jonathan shares his journey, insights into the venture capital landscape, and the unique value of combining media presence with investment strategy.

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Jonathan's extensive background includes taking over and scaling his family business, working as a financial advisor, and earning an MBA from Wharton. He has also been actively involved with Entrepreneur Media, serving as a judge on the Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch show and leveraging media to support his investment endeavors.

Throughout the discussion, Jonathan shares his deep expertise in early-stage investments, the transition from operator to investor, and the strategies that have driven his success. He provides valuable insights on identifying high-potential startups, the importance of founder-market fit, and navigating the evolving landscape of various sectors, including consumer tech, mobility, and climate tech. Jonathan also offers advice for aspiring venture capitalists and angel investors, drawing from his extensive experience in building and scaling innovative companies.

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0:00 Intro

0:34 Jonathan’s Background and Career Evolution

2:28 Jonathan’s Journey

3:40 First Angel Investment: GYFT

6:25 Transition from financial advisor to investor

7:10 Investor’s work ethic

8:15 Role as an investor

11:30 Starting a pre-seed fund

13:25 Importance of data in angel investing

14:10 Investment Strategy

18:50 Entrepreneur media side of venture fund

21:32 Learning from mistakes

22:20 Main thing that helps Jonathan on the investment side

27:10 Getting media coverage for start-ups

29:20 Jonathan’s strategy being a VC

40:35 Where to find Jonathan

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About Harry: Harry Campbell runs The Rideshare Guy, a popular community for drivers and gig workers. He’s an active angel investor having invested over $500k of personal funds in 30+ companies and funds over the past few years, still trying to figure it all out though! Harry also has a $500k mini-fund that invests in early stage mobility, logistics, marketplaces and his network.

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About Colin: Colin Gardiner has spent over a decade building startups focusing on online marketplaces. Most recently, he worked for Outdoorsy as Chief Revenue Officer. He advises marketplace/platform startups on growth, analytics, monetization, fundraising, and strategy. He also runs the rapidly growing syndicate Yonder Ventures, which invests in marketplaces and platforms and the SaaS, Fintech, Insurtech, and the technology enabling them.

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