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Amber Illig’s Journey from Angel Investor to General Partner [Ep. 15]

Amber Illig’s Journey from Angel Investor to General Partner [Ep. 15]

In this episode, Colin and Harry talk with Amber Illig.  Amber Illig is an angel investor turned solo General Partner at The Council Fund, where she invests in founders that are transforming traditional industries. Fund I has a $5m target to invest in pre-seed and seed stage companies across Vertical SaaS, Fintech, and Healthcare. Before investing full time, Amber was an operations leader at Eli Lilly, Apple, Snap, Cruise, and Atmos. 

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0:00 - Intro

2:16 - Amber rapid fire questions

9:10 - Amber’s journey into angel investing

15:12 - LinkedIn advice for new angel investors 

17:28 - Amber’s biggest challenge in angel investing 

20:29 - What are the principles of portfolio construction?

25:21 - What recommendation does Amber have going from angel investing as an LP?

32:18 - Who is “The Council” and how do they work?

39:19 - Twitter Thread - Should angels invest bore getting into YC?

45:05 - Twitter Thread - Should angels invest at a higher price if the original opportunity is missed?

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/AmberIllig

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About Colin: Colin Gardiner has spent a number of years in the tech startup space.  He has worked in business to consumer tech for over a decade.  Most recently, he worked for Outdoorsy as Chief Revenue Officer.  He currently focuses on advising startups and guiding them through the fund raising process.

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About Harry: Harry Campbell runs The Rideshare Guy, a popular community for drivers and gig workers in the rideshare and delivery space. He’s an active angel investor having invested over $500k in 30+ companies and funds over the past few years, still trying to figure it all out though!

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