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How Alex Cohen Balances Angel Investing, Shit Posting, and Product Lead [Ep 31]

How Alex Cohen Balances Angel Investing, Shit Posting, and Product Lead [Ep 31]


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In this episode, Harry and Colin speak with Alex Cohen.  Alex is a Product leader and angel investor. He leads the consumer and growth product teams at Carbon Health, a fast growing digital health startup based in San Francisco. Previously founded 2 venture backed companies. He’s an angel investor in 70+ companies including Lula, CertifyOS, Flume Health, Almond OBGYN, Railway, Splitero, and many more!

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0:00 - Wannabe Angels Meetup Info

2:29 - Alex’s bio

4:17 - Alex’s angel investing journey

8:31 - How does Alex handle the balancing of his fund and day job?

11:50 - What types of companies does Alex invest in?

15:27 - How would Alex handle outreach from a founder in a space he was not familiar with?

17:50 - What Alex has seen in 2019/2020 investments vs. now.

22:35 - What advice does Alex have for angel investors now?

28:01 - Is it better to invest in a lot of companies or concentrate? 

31:32 -Trending Twitter Thread 1 - Is Angel investing just signing up for a quarterly newsletter?

34:05 - Trending Twitter Thread 2 - Is the end goal for angel investing to raise a VC fund?

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Alex Cohen

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About Colin: Colin Gardiner has spent over a decade building startups focusing on online marketplaces. Most recently, he worked for Outdoorsy as Chief Revenue Officer. He advises marketplace/platform startups on growth, analytics, monetization, fundraising, and strategy. He also runs the rapidly growing syndicate Yonder Ventures, which invests in marketplaces and platforms and the SaaS, Fintech, Insurtech, and the technology enabling them.

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About Harry: Harry Campbell runs The Rideshare Guy, a popular community for drivers and gig workers. He’s an active angel investor having invested over $500k of personal funds in 30+ companies and funds over the past few years, still trying to figure it all out though! Harry also has a $500k mini-fund that invests in early stage mobility, logistics, marketplaces and his network.

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